Preparation Guide for Property Owners and Realtors

Everyone wants their property to look its best when scheduling a photography session, showings, or for an open-house, but it's not always clear how to best prepare a property for optimal results.  We hope this Preparation Guide will help both owners and/or Realtors stage their property successfully. 

Outdoor Preparation:

__ Vehicles should be removed from driveway and front of property
__ Clear property of all debris and trash
__ Yard and landscaping - manicured and neat
__ Trim trees, shrubs, rake and mulch - if needed
__ Trash cans, hoses, etc., out of sight (garage interiors are rarely photographed)
__ Pool Homes: Insure water is clean and all water features are turned “on”
__ All pool equipment should be out of sight (garage interior is good storage area)
__ If lawn/garden equipment must be visible it should be clean and staged

Indoor Preparation:

__ Lighting - No burned-out bulbs; matching wattage and bulb-type (incandescent/fluorescent) where applicable
__ NOTE: Photographer will turn OFF all lights upon completion of session

__ Remove papers/magnets from refrigerator and everything from the counter tops
__ Bathrooms and showers - clean and clear of all items; toilet seats down
__ Hide shampoo/soap items from bath areas and other items from counters
__ Paper products should be removed from tables and countertops
__ Turn ON all lights and lamps prior to session
__ Turn OFF all TVs and computer monitors
__ Windows should be cleaned, both inside and outside
__ Blinds in all main living areas that have a view should be horizontal (wide open)
__ Blinds in bedrooms/baths completely closed pointing up (unless view is exceptional)
__ All furniture should be clean and clear of clutter
__ Turn OFF all fans
__ Remove all trash cans from sight
__ No items should be visible from under a bed or under furniture
__ Remove any medical or exercise equipment (if/when possible)
__ Children’s toys should be stored out of sight, or look neat and organized
__ Doors of all rooms to be photographed should be OPEN, except for closets
__ Closets are not typically photographed
__ Garage is not typically photographed unless exceptional

__ Master closets are photographed only if they very large with built-ins and mostly empty
__ Pets should be off-site if possible, or under supervision
__ Pet bedding and bowls should be out of sight
__ Remove personal items, photos, etc., of children, relatives, family, names, etc.
__ Clear away holiday “seasonal items” to prevent “dating” when photos were taken (when possible)

Please do not move or rearrange items during a photo/video session

Please know the photographer will not stage the property.  They may move a few small items during the session if needed to improve a scene, however in general - if something is visible it will be photographed.  Tastes vary widely as to what makes a home attractive and what should be included in photos and video, so the photographer will assume that if it is in view, it is to be photographed.